While working on an earlier version of xa, I discovered that IE4 incorrectly parses commented asterisks (/***/) in stylesheets. Check out the example to see how to exploit it. I've since submitted the hack (which does validate) to the relevant websites.


Gravatar brent lagerman

don't you think supporting ie4 is a bit excessive, if someone hasn't upgraded to 5.x by now I don't think they care much about how their web pages render, do your clients request your sites work with 4?

Gravatar matthew

Hahaha, yes it is. No clients (I hope!) care about IE4 anymore, but I stumbled on the hack while I was playing around with the browser. In any case, I figure it doesn't hurt to throw it out there, right?

Gravatar Brent Lagerman

Yeah you never know when someone will benefit from something obscure like this, by the way I love your site design!